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Glass Fibres

Glass fibre is a material consisting of numerous extremely fine fibres of glass.Adding glass fibres in concrete minimises early shrinkage cracks during the concrete setting phase. It works best for shrinkage cracks and with Steel Fibre mix for reinforcement and flooring.

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Various types of short, chopped polypropylene fibres are available. Typically they may be added to concrete at a rate of about 0.9 kg/m3. Their primary role is to modify the properties of the fresh concretethereby increasing homogeneity of the mix, stabilising the movement of solid particles and blocking bleed water channels. This reduces the bleed capacity of the concrete and slows down the bleed rate, helping to reduce plastic settlement. The matrix of filaments also helps reduce plastic shrinkage cracking which can occur when the concrete surface is allowed to dry out rapidly.

Advantages of Synthetic Fibres

  • Avoid micro cracks in concrete
  • Improved closed surface of concrete
  • Excellent crack reduction in early-age concrete
  • Better concrete durability & reduced surface dusting
  • Improves impact and abrasion resistance
  • Improves mix cohesiveness
  • Reduces segregation of the mix

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