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Finishing Aids


ConWash is a unique and safe formulation designed to assist in the removal of concrete from metal, joinery, wheel barrows,concrete mixers, moulds, curb machines, screed & finishing machinery and tools etc. ConWash is also safe enough to use onvehicles, glass, chrome and polished aluminium. ConWash works by turning dry concrete into a mud like consistency.

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Finishing Agent Ready-to-Use Formula

TrowelAid is a finishing aid that lubricates the surface for faster and easier finishing. It extends workable time under adverse conditions such as high wind, heat, or low humidity. It eliminates the need to add water to the surface which can be detrimental tothe surface performance of the floor. It can also be used to help finish dry shake hardeners in low bleed water environments. Concrete with high cement, air, silica fume, are easier to finish when TrowelAid is applied.

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